Manufacturing surveillance

  • As owners or third parties representative
  • Production and construction supervision with qualified welding experts
  • Production supervision of offshore wind turbines
  • Coating inspections

Welding work acc. EN1090 EXC 3 via rope access

  • Certified welding company
  • Welding and painting work via rope access
  • Repair, retrofit and improvement
  • Working without scaffolding leads to cost reduction

Offshore coating service

  • Coating repairs via rope access
  • Recurring inspections of the coating surface
  • Autonomous work of up to 5 teams in parallel
  • Quality assurance by FROSIO (coating thickness, dew point, salinity measurements)
  • Qualitative service reports

Technical expert in rotorblades

  • DNV certified expert in rotorblades
  • Inspections of rotorblades regarding requirements of German authorities e.g. BSH
  • Documentation and tracing of damages during lifetime
  • Rotorblade repair

Periodic testing

  • Carrying out non-destructive testing
  • Underwater inspections
  • Damage documentation
  • Maintenance service
  • Damage repair

Inspections with drones and ROVs

  • Semi-autonomous inspections
  • Crack detection with high-resolution cameras
  • Minimisation of inspection risks and costs

Structural analysis

  • FEM analyses
  • Creation and checking of execution plans
  • Carrying out „Motion Analysis
  • Elastic plastic calculations
  • Dynamics: modal analysis, harmonic analysis, analysis under defined stimulation functions)
  • Thermodynamic calculations (stationery, transient)
  • Fields of activity: shipbuilding, mechanical engineering, offshore wind

Technical project leadership

  • IPMA certified project leader
  • Joint development and implementation of technical solutions, taking into account
    project costs
  • Ensuring interface communications
  • Tracking appointments/deadlines
  • Cost control
  • Claim management

first Copper weldings of our youngest technician

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