Client: Adwen GmbH     

Project management, Evaluation of mass data from an offshore bolt campaign -126 windturbines-37044 bolt positions

Creation of an access database and excel based application

Preparation of the data evaluation as the basis for the approval and continuing of operation of all wind turbines (DNVGL approval)

Creation of automatic generated Workscopes of Offshore bolt campaign 2019 (coordination of 50 offshore technicians)

Senior site management, Ship building “MS Crystal Endeavor”

25.000 BRT, Length:183m

Client: MV Werften Stralsund GmbH

Construction management “Turnkey Supplier Almaco”

Installation of 126 Crew Cabins incl. backgroundwork,

Technical rooms:

Helicopter Area (Helideck, Hangar, Safety systems), Crew Mess, Crew Gyms, Laundries, Mudrooms

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